About Srijan

We are glad to introduce ourselves as SRIJANNEWS.COM (A Web Portal) & CHANNELS.SRIJANNEWS.COM (Web Channels). SRIJAN NEWS aims to cater to all kind of audience groups, and has set its sights to capture a sizeable market share. We would also place it on your record that SRIJANNEWS.COM has emerged as frontline web channel of Chhattisgarh by penetrating into every nook and corner of the state apart from enjoying a significant viewership where a large chunk of population belonging to agrarian community, farmers, tribal and rural folk are residing who are the prime target group of various public welfare driven messages, schemes and programs of your esteemed Govt. We will ensure you to deliver focused results with competitive Ad rates to display campaign on across our portals – SRIJANNEWS.COM

SRIJANNEWS.COM covers various topics of public interest namely – Breaking News, Political News, Business News, Sports News, Entertainment News, Crime News, Science & Technology News, Lifestyle News and Miscellaneous news. The user has the facility to read the updates in Hindi and also sort the updates based on various regions.